Hands of Our Lady


We serve the spiritual and social needs of Our Lady of Lourdes parish community through acts of compassion and fellowship guided by faith and supported by the men, women, and families of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.

Marilyn Giordano President
Gina Mumper Vice President
Lynn Whitman Secretary
Davita DeGrace Treasurer
Vacant Outreach & Bereavement
Rita Thompson Sunshine
Francis Norsworthy Communications

Breaking Bread. We invite families with loved ones in short- and longterm care situations to bring their loved one to celebrate Mass followed by a meal at select restaurants as an opportunity to share faith, fellowship, and family support. We arrange transportation when needed.
Funeral Reception. A reception offers family and friends the gift of time to gather and share a meal after the memorial service of a loved one. Volunteers help with set-up, clean-up, and meal preparation. A collection at the Funeral Mass may be taken up to support Outreach services.
Prayer Request. Prayer for others is prayer magnified. When prayer is most needed, an email will inform the parish community of a member’s spiritual, physical, or mental health need for prayer. For Outreach Ministry services, contact the office at 916-925-5313 or email ourladyoflourdes@comcast.net

Bishop Gallegos Transitional Home for Pregnant Women
We give financial support to sustain a room at this home for women 18 or older who are finding their way back to self-sufficiency and need help. On the way, many find faith in The One who holds them up in their struggles.